Service outline

What can you expect when you attend one of our services? Our Sabbath services are usually an hour and a half. They are structured as follows:

  1. We sing 6 stanzas from the Scottish Metrical Psalter. We do not stand when singing.
  2. Then the minister engages in prayer. Everyone stands during each prayer.
  3. We read a portion from God's Word, using the King James Authorised Version.
  4. We sing 6 more stanzas from the Scottish Metrical Psalter.
  5. The minister reads the verse or portion from Scripture which he wishes to explain, usually from the portion read, and begins his sermon.
  6. The minister ends the sermon with prayer.
  7. We sing 4 more stanzas.
  8. The benediction: the minister blesses the congregation with the blessing from 2 Corinthians 13:14.

Our Wednesday night prayer meetings are structured similarly, except that the minister will ask some of the men to pray.