Communion services

Our churches conduct the communion services as per the traditions handed down to us through its developments in Scotland. We call this the communion season. Many have found rich blessings during such times. Depending on the size of the congregation it will have a communion season once or twice a year. Many communicants from other congregations will travel to a congregation having a communion season as part of our fellowship with the saints.

A communion season lasts from Thursday till Monday.

  1. Thursday, the day of humiliation and prayer: a regular service at 11am, and one at 7:30 pm.
  2. Friday, the day of self-examination: the question meeting at 11am (except for January), and a regular service at 7:30 pm.
  3. Saturday, the day of preparation: a prayer meeting at 8am, a regular service at 11am where tokens to intending communicants are given, and a prayer meeting at 7pm.
  4. Sabbath, the day in which the Lord's death is commemorated: a prayer meeting at 8am, the communion service at 11am, with the fencing of the table, and Lord's Supper following, and at 7:00 pm a regular service.
  5. Monday, the day of thanksgiving: a regular service at 9.30am.

Note that the Friday morning question meeting is not held when, due to time constraints, a meeting of the Asia Pacific Presbytery is convened in January.